I draw from my background in depth psychology and existential theory; I'm inspired by post-modern concepts. Feminism and a deconstruction of societal norms and narratives are at the forefront of my practice. I strive to create a warm space fueled by empathy but not absent of directness, challenge, creativity and humor when fitting.  With that said, there is no one size fits all model. Whether short-term or long-term you identify what you want out of our time together.  This could be a combination of things including but not limited to: coping tools, an examination of the past and it's impact on the present, society's role in your personal narrative, and/or building a more empowered relationship to yourself.  You are the expert on your unique lived experience. 

Ultimately, I believe we learn the most about ourselves through the lens of our relationships-past and present.  This includes our relationship as therapist and client.  I'm curious about what you are building.  About what we are building together.  


Featured image above: The Five Stages of Grief by Nayyirah Waheed